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Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Sharing...and Swinging...and Sliding...and Sweet Streaked Hair

Cate and I spent the morning at the museum while Eric worked the Adventure Summit for Team in Training. I didn't take any pictures since it was pretty much more of the same that you've already seen. Cate wore herself out and slept for almost 3 hours when we got home (during which I caught up on the phone with a few friends...and one is due with a playmate for Cate in August...hooray!).

Anyway, I noticed this morning before we left that Cate was trying to hand one of Zoey's toys to Zoey. This afternoon I managed to snap a couple pictures of Cate trying to share one of her puzzle pieces with Zoey. She's not happy until Zoey takes it in her mouth. Gross....but cute!
We also finally put Cate's swing up in the basement. We've been meaning to do it all winter, and hopefully we'll be putting it back up outside soon. In the meantime, she seemed to enjoy swinging indoors today.
She also enjoyed sliding indoors today. Cate has this tunnel toy and crawls through it all the time. It's sloped on either end though, but that has never stopped her from crawling all the way through. I'm not sure where she learned this next trick, but in the middle of the tunnel, Cate will stop and get her feet facing forward so she can slide down. The video quality is pretty poor...my cell phone was the closest thing available.

And on a totally unrelated note, the school where I teach did a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society last week. Our school goal was to raise $3000 in honor of the two students currently battling leukemia and the one teacher who lost his fight with lymphoma on Thursday. About 30 teachers agreed to dye or streak their hair orange and green (the colors of leukemia and lymphoma respectively) if we hit our goal. We raised over $10,000!!!! So here I am getting my hair streaked.
My hair is a little too dark to really pick it up, so you can't see much in the picture...sorry. But I really did streak it orange and green! It was pretty gross when I washed it out in the shower, but it came out in one wash so I'd definitely do it again.

~Melody :-)

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