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Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's time for another round of Not Me Monday, started on the blog MckMama as a therapeutic way to shamelessly admit all of those things that I certainly would never do because I'm perfect and never have those moments.  :-) I'm off school today, so I have a little more time to craft my post.  

This week I did NOT give Cate a taste of pop because she did NOT keep grabbing at the glass of pop I had in my hand.  We did NOT have pop in our house leftover from last weekend's festivities and have NOT been gorging ourselves on the luxury of such a nutrionally useless beverage all week just because it's there in the kitchen.  

I did NOT just about pee my pants when I saw the picture below on one of my friend's Facebook page.  

If you're from our neck of the woods, you totally get this.  If you're not, West Chester is a suburb north of the city.  I do NOT totally feel this way because the urban sprawl of some of the neighborhoods around me is really scary (I did live out that way when I student taught and had many occassions where driving less than 2 miles to Target was a 20 minute ordeal).  I do sincerely apologize to my many friends, coworkers, and fellow church-goers who do live in West Chester though.  It is a really pretty area, your homes are all beautiful, and maybe (big maybe) I may want to leave my city-dwelling life to join you.  But for now, I do NOT totally giggle just thinking about that shirt.  

And since my friend saw that shirt at Park + Vine, one of my favorite little shops in the real downtown, I did NOT decide that a trip downtown to walk around downtown is going to be in order soon.  Cate's wagon is totally urban-ready.  :-)

I did NOT spend the most money I've ever spent on a pair of jeans (or a pair of pants for that matter) on Friday night.  I mean, it's NOT like I could've bought about 3 pairs of Gap jeans for the price of my one pair of Rock Revival jeans.  And my husband was NOT the one who actually drove me to the boutique, entertained Cate while I tried on jeans, and encouraged me to get them in the first place.  I had NOT actually been planning this purchase for several months as a sort of an I'm done nursing Cate/my cheap Old Navy jeans last about 3 washes before they fray/I really just want nice jeans kind of purchase.  So we had NOT been putting money aside for them. And I do NOT look pretty darn good in them if I do say so myself.  I am NOT all about buying nice things when you plan for the purchase and pay for them in cash.  :-)

I am also NOT totally obsessed with this new lip balm that my husband got me for Valentine's Day.  And speaking of Valentine's Day, while out shopping for my wonderful hubby, I did NOT hand Cate a small wooden toy off of a shelf at World Market (we got him a portable french press since he is a coffee snob) which she did NOT throw down and break a piece off of it because she is NOT in an "uh-oh" phase.  I did NOT put the toy back on a shelf and just walk away because the store is closing anyway and at least my kid was NOT as bad as the kid who broke a bowl while we were there.  
I am NOT writing this post from my sister's computer since we're visiting family and I did NOT come across this adorable picture of her that my sister took one time of Cate.  It does NOT make me smile.  And while visiting with family I have NOT eaten way too much food.  I am NOT scared that my new jeans may not fit me now.  

I also do NOT keep holding Cate up by her arms to help her learn to walk because she has NOT decided that being bipedal is a ridiculous idea and crawling is much more efficient.  

And my last confession of the week...I did NOT go on the internet just about every day last week to look at the camera that I am NOT going to order the minute I get my supplemental checks from school.

Nope, NOT me.  


1 comment:

Pam D said...

What an adorable little girl! And what great "not me's"! I live in a suburb of Atlanta, and I'm sure the city folks think the same of us up here in Cobb County. Have a great week, and I hope those jeans still fit.. they sound awesome!