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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday (from the iPhone)

I think I've become a bit lazier since getting an iPhone (which has an okay camera on it) and having another baby. I still get my camera out and shoot away, but it's not attached to me like an appendage the way it used to be. So all of today's pictures are courtesy of the phone. Anyway, after almost 31 straight days with rain, we finally had sunshine yesterday. We walked to the park. Eric, Cate, and the dog stayed at the park while I walked another block to the record store. Colbie Caillat was supposed to have a new CD out this week, but apparently it's been pushed back to July. So I got the new Allison Kraus and Union Station CD instead. Brennan tried out his sunglasses that I bought for being at the pool this summer.
Today, we went downtown to the main branch of the Cincinnati library. Because parking is cheapest a couple of blocks away, it's always better to go when the weather is nice out. My friend, Nicole, and her daughter accompanied us.
We came home with quite a bit of reading material. The top four are for Brennan. He loves books with high contrast images and will stare at them, totally engrossed.
Our trip wore the little guy out, as he is currently doing this:
He's also been a little fussy lately. He had shots at his 4-month checkup on Wednesday and the one bruised his poor little leg. And the excessive drool tells us teeth are on the way. He still manages to stay relatively smiley though. He weighed in at 14 pounds, 15 ounces and is 26 inches long. Woo hoo!

We checked out some "big books" this trip too. Remember these? My elementary school teachers had tons of them. They made reading to the whole class easier as everyone could see the pictures. Cate loves having such giant books at our house.
Speaking of books, only 2 people seemed interested in keeping the traveling book going. According to the random number generator, Mama Marchand is getting it next. Girl, I need your address. :-) Sorry Mikala! :-( It's worth checking out from the library though.
I think that about wraps it up. In case I don't post again before Sunday, Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's and mama's-to-be reading my blog. My mom is on her way to Cincinnati as we speak. We have a mother/daughter brunch that we're attending at my grandmother's church tomorrow. On Sunday, my sister will be arriving in town. We're planning to see Something Borrowed Sunday night and head to the zoo on Monday morning.

I enjoyed reading through the comments on my post about our house. We will most likely purchase our "forever" home in a few years. Mostly because neither Eric nor I work in a field that transfers people for work. So unless we decide to up and move, we're here for the long haul. And once that home is paid off, well...you it's better than paying rent. We're hoping to put down a sizable down payment on our next house and pay whatever we owe on it off within 10 years of purchase. Just in time to pay college tuition. But I thought the perspective of the renters was interesting and the idea isn't totally off the table for us. We'll just have to see what's best in a few years when we're ready to move.

~Melody :-)


Mama Marchand said...

YAY! :)

Rob, Mikala, Anna, and Avery Kate said...

It's okay. I'll just watch for it on Mama Marchand's blog when she gives it away! :) Besides, luck found me in another way today... I won an Abuelo's gift card at the teacher appreciation final giveaway!