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Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspiration Workshop

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
Trying a new blog event today-- the inspiration workshop with Gussy Sews (you must check out her blog and her shop). I so want one of her totes (hint, hint hubby since I know you read here). Maybe a back to school/end of maternity leave present?

Anyway, the inspiration workshop is all about finding and sharing inspiration while meeting other bloggers. She even gives you almost a whole week to think about the prompt. Today's prompt-- handmade.

I grew up wearing a lot of clothes handmade by both my grandmother (dad's mom) and my mom (who actually started learning how to sew when she took my dad's mom's class in high school-- my grandma was a home-ec/sewing teacher). I've loved crafty things since I was a kid and I'm not too shabby when it comes to unleashing my inner creative beast and crafting some things. I've made Cate several cute dresses/skirts, like this one:

I managed to sew this apron together for myself (I love aprons and this was an easy kit from JoAnn's--incidentally JoAnn's headquarters is pretty much in my parents' backyard; I can walk there; I used to nanny in the summers for a JoAnn's buyer):
And I knit Brennan's baby blanket: A quick click on the sewing or knitting category on the left of this blog will give you a taste of a few of my other creations. But I can't do (or make it all). Here are some other handmade things I find inspiring:

These cars are from the Etsy shop, Birdy Boots. I actually already ordered a truck, tractor, and helicopter for Brennan from their shop. He'll get them on his birthday.

And when he gets older, I totally plan to make him this:

I want to make my sweet girl a memory game (a use for my fabric scraps):

And I can use my ribbon scraps to make these (fun for back to school):
I weirdly collect stickers off of the produce we buy (if it's cool looking and doesn't have a barcode). I think I need to make this to store them in:
I so love this idea-- making a little mini-scrap book using a deck of cards as the base:

Now it's just finding the time to get creative and get my handmade juices flowing. Looking forward to finding even more inspiration through today's linky party. Head on over for some inspiration.

We had a blast in Pittsburgh with my friend, Jenn, yesterday. My animal lovin' girl seriously enjoyed feeding birds at the National Aviary and was crackin' up over the penguins. Pics to come soon.



Melissa S. said...

I love the Memory Game with fabric scraps! I think you inspired me to put one on my Handmade list. ;-)
~Melissa, SoChick!

wildruffle.com said...

Wow! So many great ideas to try - thanks for the inspiration. Plus, I love your daughter's name - I'm a Cate with a "C" too!!

Tudor Rose said...

I still love going to the JoAnn's in town whenever I'm visiting my parents (who also live super close!) The one's near me and my work just don't seem nearly as big.

jamie said...

i love the things that you made and your list of things to do looks pretty cool too

Kelly said...

i love the paper clips.

Cathy said...

What adorable ideas! My nieces and nephew would love those games!

Came over from Gussy Sews and now following!