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Friday, May 13, 2011

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

There's a joke in the Midwest that if you don't like the weather, wait an hour and it will change. Last week, we were in long sleeves. And it was raining. This week? Three days of temperatures near 90. So we got the Step 2 pool we inherited last summer out of the garage and holy cow does my sweet girl love it!
We ate lunch poolside all three days.
And played some more.
Mommy wore her new bathing suit (one of the first bathing suits that I've really enjoyed wearing b/c I look good in it) and sun hat (a Mother's Day gift from my kiddos).
Little Man dipped his toes in on day one.
On day two of hot temperatures and pool fun, Brennan put on his full trunks/shirt/hat outfit.I blew up Cate's old baby float for him:
And I was quickly reminded of how alike my kids look b/c here's Cate at 4 months old in the same float. I also tried out my new mesh sling. I bought it for the pool we joined this summer (which opens in a few weeks), but wanted to make sure it was easy to put on. I want to be able to have my hands free when we're in the water in case Cate needs some help. It has zero lumbar support, BUT it is mesh and will dry quickly, so I can wear it in the water. It'll also be good on hot days when Brennan wants to be worn but the Boba or Moby are too hot. Although, given that it has no back support, I won't be able to wear him long in this when we're out of the water. No biggie though. Brennan clearly thinks it's a winner.We got a third day of swimming in today before we had to hastily put it all away as a thunderstorm blew in late this afternoon. We're supposed to have off and on showers and storms all weekend. Next week it'll be mid-high 60s and sunny. Perfect late spring weather. Not hot enough for the pool but perfect for the zoo and the park.

Tomorrow is Cate's recital. I'm both nervous and excited for my girl. I know she'll do her own thing when she gets out there, but that's her spirit and there's no sense in trying to quell it. As long as she's having fun that's all I care about.

~Melody :-)

I apologize that some of these pictures are of poorer quality than others. I had my camera out for a bit, then I took it inside so it wouldn't get hot. Then I took some with my iPhone, but I had to take it inside when it got hot. So you know....

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Lynn said...

Fun pictures of a wonderful summer that is just around the corner. I think. It is 49 here today, so who knows?