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Monday, May 9, 2011

Skipping Spring and other Random Musings

I feel like the last couple of years here in the Midwest, we've just skipped spring altogether. We go from cold and fleece to hot and sweaty. I'm washing sweaters and shorts in the same load of laundry. We have our moments of spring-- the temperatures in the 50s and 60s--but mostly it seems like we go from the 30s to the 80s with the blink of an eye. But this isn't a post about the weather.

It's a post about how I have a couple of pictures from Mother's Day to share. This was from the day before Mother's Day. We went to a brunch at my grandmother's (dad's mom) church. My mom's mom was also able to attend.My dad started helping her get her deck furniture out, so we snapped a quick picture there too.
My sister drove down to Cincinnati yesterday morning and joined my grandmother's, parents, Eric, the kids, and I at the bistro for lunch. She stayed with us last night. We went to see Something Borrowed while my awesome husband stayed with the kids. This morning we went to the zoo. Cate loved having her Aunt Catherine to play with at the zoo.
They watched a few of the animals, like the polar bears.
We saw the baby giraffe again. But mostly, my sweet girl just wanted to ride the carousel...
...and show her little brother how to ride the carousel (his first ride, we actually sat in a stationary cart in front of Cate's bald eagle).
Catherine and Cate went to see The Wizard of Oz 4-D show (it's only 16 minutes long) while I nursed Brennan. Cate liked the special glasses she had to wear. And no trip to the zoo during the warm weather would be complete without a ride on the train. Catherine and Cate shared the train ride together: While they were on the train, I simply lost myself in this boy's blue, blue, eyes:
It's weekends like these when I'm thankful that our out-of-town family isn't too far out of town. A four hour car ride is all it takes to get to my parents, brother, and sister (or for them to come to us). It was so nice to visit with my mom and with my sister and know I'll get to do so again when they're hear next weekend for Cate's dance recital. My parents are in a sort of long-waiting-for-the-housing-market-to-pick-up process of moving to Cincinnati. Hopefully they'll be here in the next couple of years. And my sister is hoping to move here after she graduates college. Now we just need to work on my brother. :-) In all seriousness though, it will be nice to have them here along with Eric's family, who already lives in town.

Happy Summer since it appears we're skipping spring again (it hit almost 80 today and will be above 80 tomorrow).

~Melody :-)

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Tudor Rose said...

I just cannot get over how alike Cate and Brennan look! You can totally tell they are siblings :)