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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Knew?

Who knew that a laundry basket could be so much fun? After we folded some clothes, we put Cate in and "zoomed" her up and down the long hallway that connects the living room to the dining room. She loved it!
She kept asking Eric and I to do it again and again. Eventually though, Mommy and Daddy got tired of zooming Cate back and forth (it was quite the workout), so Cate started pushing her big Mickey Mouse around instead.
It provided at least 20 minutes of entertainment for her! You gotta love the things that keep kids amused. :-)
What simple things keep your kids amused?

~Melody :-)

1 comment:

jflinn said...

thanks to knitting, i no longer fold laundry. i just keep letting it pile up in the basket. oh well, brady use to enjoy playing in the laundry baskets too. And be careful when you are going full speed and take them around a corner the little handles on the side can break and stab you in the wrist. Not like i know from experience. What kind of mom would i be if i actually but my child in so much danger ;0)