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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A New Set of Wheels

Cate used to confuse her bike with the lawn mower.
In fact, she used to fit on this bike.
But alas, she has grown a little a lot this past year and when we dragged the old bike out of the garage to enjoy the sunshine last week, I noticed that she didn't quite fit on it anymore. As in her knees were up to her ears. A new bike was in order.
Once she got it figured out, she was off. Her feet are less than a quarter of an inch away from touching the pedals (which have blocks on them) when they're at the point in their rotation that is the farthest away from her. At the rate she's going, she'll reach those pedals within weeks, if not days.
In the meantime though, she's quite content to use her feet. She does not, however, know how to use her head, so we will be buying a helmet soon. Our driveway is gently sloping but Cate has already learned how she can speed down it by moving her feet as the trike rolls. I'm amazed at how much speed she can pick up. Doesn't she look so grown up on her new bike?

~Melody :-)

PS...As a mom, I love that the pedal blocks come off and the seat adjusts so that we can get more use out of this bike since Miss Cate tends to grow like a weed a tall, pretty sunflower.

1 comment:

Tudor Rose said...

Wow! The comparison between the first few pictures and the last are crazy (in a good way!) It's amazing how big she's gotten :-)