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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Heck of a Kid Friendly Backyard

The weather last weekend here in southwest Ohio was absolutely beautiful! Eric came home from work a little early Friday evening and we got to work getting our backyard ready for even more warm weather to come. Our first order of business was getting this sweet Step 2 house put together for Cate.
Our friends from small group gave Cate this for her birthday (but the weather has been too yucky to deliver it until now). Their kids have outgrown it and it's the perfect size for Cate. She's been in that house all weekend.

And when she's not in that house, she's enjoying time with her sand table. Playing in the sand with her made me ache for Hilton Head, which we'll be traveling to again this July!
We also set up her kid-size table and chairs that she got last year from my awesome Aunt B.
And while Cate happily amuses herself going from playhouse to sand table to princess table to various other toys, mommy and daddy can sit outside and read!
And to think that we don't even have her swingset up yet. It's on order though and will be coming soon! (It's one of those awesome small metal ones with two swings and a slide...all we need in our small backyard considering there are three playgrounds within a 5-7 minute walk of our house and about 20 playgrounds within a 15 minute or less drive).

~Melody :-)


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That looks so cute! I especially love the sand and water table. We need one of those for G!


jmberrygirl said...

Sounds like a kid-friendly neighborhood!

MollyinMinn said...

You have quite the set up. Lucky kid! Really cute, thanks for sharing!

Aunt B and 3 said...

Oh my goodness! This reminds me of little Jenn playing in the little house on Woodridge when she was Cate's age. Cate has ALL the wonderfull things for a summer of fun! Hope to join her for tea at her table soon! Love-Love Aunt B