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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Rambling

Despite the "white death" as folks around here like to call it ruining our travel plans for the weekend, Cate and still managed to stay pretty busy at a moment's notice.
We took it easy on Friday since I had gone ahead and gone into work (giving me back a personal day to use later). The two-hour delay definitely made things easier as far as getting Cate up and to the sitter's.

Saturday morning Cate went to play with a friend's daughter (whose husband graciously watched both girls) while we headed out for a yoga class. Yoga was all the rage when I first started college. So I got a mat and took a few classes. But I always came out more sore than when I went in. The classes were often crowded and I felt like everyone knew way more than me-- even in the beginner class. I gave up and tried practicing with some DVD's at home, which also weren't very affective. After I got married, I tried a class again at the gym I joined and found the same thing to be true-- the people all seemed experienced and I clearly had no clue what I was doing.

The class I took Saturday though was at an actual yoga studio. The instructor took the time to really explain things as this was week 1 of a 3-week beginner workshop series. I left feeling relaxed, stretched out, and 2 inches taller. Everyone in there was clearly a beginner, so my friend and I fit right in. I was glad that my friend reminded me about the series (I wasn't going to take it until March because of travel plans this month and next month), and was glad to be able to come once I decided not to head north. It was the best yoga class I've ever taken and I'm looking forward to the remaining two weeks of the workshop (and then will hopefully get to take another class with the same instructor who is wonderful).

Saturday night Cate and I joined up with our small group to watch the Bengals lose to the Jets in the playoffs. Oh well...we had fun playing (Cate) and socializing (me). I felt like I hadn't seen all of them in so long because of the holidays.

Today we headed out to church and miraculously made it on time even though Cate slept in until 8:45-- for which Mommy was very grateful. The sermon was refreshing and encouraging! We picked up a few things at the store afterwards (Cate has been a milk hog lately and went through a half gallon in 3 days) including this Elmo sticker book (which I didn't realize was $7 until we got to the checkout). But that's because the stickers are reusable.
We spent some time coloring this afternoon before another playdate with my friend and her daughter.
Even though they'd seen each other the morning before (while their mommies were at yoga) the girls were excited to see each other again. They busied themselves running around the basement chasing each other, playing ring around the rosie, and even a bit of Wii. My friend's daughter is 15 months older than Cate and was perfectly patient with Cate (who is just now starting to learn the concept of sharing).

And in all my spare time I managed to get Cate's birthday party invitations ready to mail. I can't believe she's going to be 2!
I'm taking tomorrow off of work as a personal day to spend some more quality time with my girl (and to save her from an early wake up) before Eric arrives home in the evening. He's specially requested that I keep Cate up until he gets home (which actually isn't too much past her bed time) so that he can rock her to sleep tomorrow night.

It's been a busy but good weekend. I enjoyed having Cate all to myself and getting to spend some time with her. But I'm definitely ready for my hubby to be home. I miss him terribly! Thank goodness he doesn't have to travel too often for work.

~Melody :-)

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