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Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

I'm confessing along with others at MckMama this week. It's the first NOT ME MONDAY of 2010. By the way, are you saying it "twenty-ten" or "two-thousand ten"? I can't decide which I like better.


I did NOT drink gallons of hot tea over break. I did NOT pretty much form an addiction to it (I still drink coffee too, but there was just something about the tea). This did NOT mean that I ended up having to get up a couple of times a night to go to the bathroom.
I did NOT go a little crazy at the Target One Spot/Dollar Bin on New Year's Day buying Valentine's decorations to replace the Christmas decorations that we've now taken down. This cute rug ($2.50) does NOT greet you when you walk into our house.
And these fun gel clings do NOT adorn our bathroom mirror.
You will NOT find this cute rug (also $2.50) in our bathroom too.
And I am NOT especially in love with these little milk bottle bud vases. I am NOT considering leaving them up year round since there's nothing distinctly Valentine's about them.
Those pictures are NOT just a small part of the decorations we have up in our house (not pictured are heart pillows for the couch, a cute wooden heart wreath for the front door, cute little candy heart votive holders, a centerpiece for the table, a basket on top of the bookshelf, a rug for the back door, gel clings on a front window...and I'm not even sure what else).

Oh, the things we do to make every holiday special around the house for her:
What have you NOT been up to so far this new year?

~Melody :-)


jmberrygirl said...

I love it! Hubs and I have gotten busy on a few around-the-house projects because it seemed so bare without the Christmas decorations! Didn't realize how much we'd done until it was all packed up!

Jess said...

Those little milk vases are to cute! I would totally leave them up all year round!