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Friday, January 8, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's one of the most wonderful times of the week...Five Question Friday, brought to you by Mama M. And it's been a couple of weeks since I've done one. So in honor of the snow we're experiencing, here ya go:

1. What's your "comfort food"? I've called it Noodles and Brown Stuff since I was a kid, but it's real name is Beef Burgundy. I have a super easy crockpot recipe and LOVE to make this! Cate takes after her mama and loves it too. I also love Bob Evans Chicken Noodle Soup...perfect when you're feeling under the weather!

2. Do you send Thank You's (handwritten or email)? Yes, always, and handwritten. The one exception-- thank you notes to my students for gifts at the holidays. I get a lot of them. I acknowledge them right away. But half my kiddos don't put their names on them and the day before winter break is so chaotic that by the end of the day I don't know who gave me what anyway. I tried to do thank-you's my first couple of years and it was out of control. Plus I was always torn over whether or not you spend the time to write a thank-you to the kid who gave you a candy cane vs. the kid who gave you a gift card. I think the final straw came when I found more than half of the thank-you's I wrote one year on the floor and in the trash. But for everyone else, yes, we do thank-you's!

3. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose? My all time favorite show is "Friends" so I'd want to be stuck there. But if it had to be a show currently on TV, probably "Modern Family"-- I think that show is hilarious. Plus, they all live in nice houses. And southern California weather isn't sounding so bad right now, as you'll see when you get to the end of this post.

4. What is your favorite online recipe site? Don't have a favorite. I just google what I'm looking for until I find a recipe I like.

5. If you had to choose: "Friends" or "Seinfeld"? I like both shows, but if you read 3 above, you know I'll pick "Friends." We do own all 10 seasons on TV and quote it often. My hubby and I also rock at the "Friends" Scene-It DVD game!

So fun to play along.

In other news, my car looked like this yesterday:

The picture was taken looking out the window from my phone, so it's not great quality. We had ourselves a good, ol' fashioned snow day here. Eric is out of town for work (thankfully his flight made it out) and is in sunny--I mean chilly-- Florida with a Team in Training team running the Disney marathon. So Cate and I stayed in our pajamas all day (we had already been to the store for the week) and played, watched Elmo, played some more, had a dance party, ate mac and cheese, played some more, and I knitted a bit too. We did run to the bank in the morning before the snow hit (we started the day with a 2-hour delay and ended up being called off...good thing, because it did get a little nasty out there). I was hoping one of the more ambitious neighbor kids would come around offering to shovel the driveway since Eric was gone, but no luck. So after Cate's nap I bundled her up in her snow gear (yes, I did leave her PJ's on underneath) and headed out to shovel. She wasn't walking last year when it snowed and wasn't sure how she felt about walking in snow this year. So she pretty much stood or sat in one place while I shoveled.

Thankfully the snow was light and easy to shovel. Cate cooperated well and really only took an interest in playing in the snow when it was time to go in. Oh well.

Today brought a two-hour delay-- which was helpful in getting Cate to the sitter. I'm looking forward to more snow adventures with my girl, a yoga class this weekend with a friend, a get-together to watch the Bengals in the playoffs with our small group tomorrow, and just relaxing. I went ahead and took Monday off so I wouldn't have to worry about getting Cate up and to a sitter early in the morning. I was originally planning to head to NE Ohio to visit some family, but since they're getting twice the snow we have, I did NOT want to get stuck in the car with a toddler in the snow.

Happy Friday to all! And Happy Weekend!

~Melody :-)

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Carly said...

Melody, I love your new Blog header! How fun that Eric is in Orlando, sorry we couldn't have some nicer weather for him, there are rumors of snow. I have a few friends running and it'll be a cold marathon. Glad that you had a snow day and delay start, I sure do miss those! Love seeing the cute pictures of Cate as she grows into a toddler. I especially love her curls! Hope that you guys are having a good new year!

Mama M. said...

Wow...according your little age ticker...your daughter and my littlest are 2 days apart! Cool!

Snow days are the best...hands down! I wonder if we are gonna get any this year...usually we've had at least one by now! This time of the year, we sometimes get "cold days", when it's so dangerously cold, they'll delay or cancel school!

Thanks for joining in! I'm thinking I need to get myself the Friends DVD set! Notice I said, "need". ;)

Mama M.
My Little Life

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow for you guys. I keep telling your mom we should move to your part of the state since the weather always seems so much better just a few hours south. But not this weekend....You have it as bad as we do! Ah, well, it seems you are making the best of it.