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Monday, January 25, 2010

Party Preparations

Holy Blogging Batman! This is our 400th post! And Cate is turning two in less than two weeks!

Party preparations are in full swing around here. Since Cate is very into Elmo, I ordered her this cute Elmo hairbow from Etsy. Her hair is still thin so it doesn't stay in too well. I'm not letting her wear it anywhere except at home so we don't lose it before her party.
I'm also finally getting around to making her that jumper I wanted to make her. I spend part of the day Saturday sewing with my grandmother and learning how to applique. I think this will be totally cute when it's done. I may have to splurge on some red Mary Janes for her to wear with it.
The best part is that we'll be able to adjust the buttons so that she can wear it all next fall and winter too.

And her party favors? They turned out amazing! I ordered chalkboard fabric online and used some fabric my mom gave me for the backs...voila...chalkboard placemats. They really do work. I'm planning to role each one up, tie it with a ribbon and a piece of chalk or two to give to each of the kids coming to her party. I think these are way more fun than the cheap, plastic party favors you can buy at the store.
There's still a lot to do, but it's all coming together. We can't wait to celebrate birthday number two with our sweet girl!

~Melody :-)


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That is SO CUTE! I love the Elmo clip; I'm with you, G doesn't have enough hair yet either, so we don't wear our bows out of the house.

I didn't even know they made chalkboard fabric-- I'm now just adjusting to a world with chalkboard paint, now this too?!?


The Palmer Family Blog said...

Love the favors, love the hairbow. You're always full of creative ideas!

jmberrygirl said...

Precious! LOVE the denim jumper!