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Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday-- March of the Penguins Edition

I'm confessing along with others at MckMama this week.

It is NOT 22 degrees outside. And because it is NOT 22 degrees out and I did NOT take a personal day today (so I wouldn't have to drag Cate out of bed so early in the morning to get her to the sitter since my hubby is out of town), I did NOT bundle Cate up to head to the zoo. That was NOT a run-on sentence either-- I am an English teacher after all. I do NOT make mistakes in my blog posts.

When we got to the zoo we were NOT the only car in the parking lot. Cate did NOT have free reign to run wherever she wanted to run at the zoo (or squat to stay warm).
We were NOT going to the zoo for the sole purpose of seeing these guys:
Out of their indoor habitat.
That's right...it's Penguin Days at the zoo. Which means it's cold enough for the penguins to come outside for a walk every day. They also get to play in their outdoor habitat for awhile. So we went to the zoo today to go take a walk with the penguins.

And because I did NOT have a sense of humor, I did NOT dress Cate in the penguin shirt her Nanny (my mom) got her. She also wore her penguin socks, but I didn't get a picture of those. And since we were NOT the only ones at the zoo in the lovely 22 degree weather, we did NOT get to have fun walking with the penguins up close and personal. I think Cate would have gone right up and hugged one if she could have. Unfortunately they have tempers and so Cate had to stay about a foot away from them (which is hard to explain to a not quite 2-year-old).
And since I'm NOT a sucker I did NOT buy Cate a cute little stuffed penguin on our way out (c'mon, he was only $6.70 with our member discount). She did NOT come home immediately after our trip to the zoo (okay, we stopped and had lunch out at Panera first) to introduce her new little penguin to the big penguin that Great Aunt "B" gave her for Christmas.
This girl clearly does NOT have an obsession with penguins!

~Melody :-)


jmberrygirl said...

Let me just say, "Precious." I love it. And I love penguins, too.

Shauna and Ben said...

So cute! I'm glad you braved the weather for her to have that experience. Like her own personal zoo for the day :)

cttnjss said...

hmm i think our zoo does that also.. may have to check.. but it is about a 40min drive away.. but it is free! and if i can get a spot on the street also free! (i don't think that would be too much of a stretch though for the conditions outside right now!

Anonymous said...

This is SO cool and worth every minute of a personal day!

Tudor Rose said...

Ohmygosh! I love the idea of getting to see penguins up close and personal like that. What a fabulous way to spend the day.

The Cottage Mama said...

Your daughter is ADORABLE - looks like so much fun!!