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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Growing Up

It's still hard for me to fathom that this time last year, I was just at the beginning of my third trimester. Cate is a maniac, crawling all over the place. We're feeding her more table food now. She still eats baby food for lunch and some for dinner (since more of her finger foods end up on her and the floor than in her mouth). Zoey doesn't mind this new venture. Cate seems to love the chicken nuggets we got her (Whole Foods sells some yummy, lightly breaded, growth-hormone free chicken nuggets).
Cate is also quite the mooch. She ate quite a bit of my mashed potatoes last weekend at my in-laws and likes to share in my Sunday morning doughnut.

Cate also outgrew her baby bathtub. She's been trying to climb out of it for awhile, but we didn't have a bath mat to keep her from slipping. Tonight we finally bought a bath mat and Cate couldn't be happier to have full reign of the tub (with Mommy and Daddy's supervision of course).
I think she especially liked that she could "crawl" after her toys.
People weren't kidding when they said the time flies by so quickly.

~Melody :-)

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