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Sunday, November 9, 2008

My new obsession...

Baby Tights!!! I mean really, could those cute, little, stripey legs be any cuter?
So now I'm on the hunt for more cute little dresses and fun baby tights. Still kind of obsessed with Cate's baby leg warmers too...but now that it's cold outside, the tights are winning.

Spent a great weekend with my family. My sister and I stayed up past midnight both nights playing the Wii (the new Guitar Hero World Tour has a great song selection- we rented it from Blockbuster and played head to head guitar since we don't have drums or anything). I rocked it out on Interpol's "Obstacle 1" and didn't miss a single note. It was the only song I actually managed to beat my sister on. I creamed her in Mario Kart to make up for her pounding me in Guitar Hero.

Saturday night we made a big pot o' chili and chowed down with my mom, dad, sister, and both of my grandmothers. It was a full house. Thanks mom for helping me with all of the dishes afterwards :-)

I'm feeling way better than I was feeling at the beginning of the weekend. Still a little sore, but no real pain unless I'm feeding Cate, and even then it's just at the beginning. Cate's still battling a runny nose, but she's hanging in there and is quite a trooper. We're hoping and praying for both of us to be 100% better (including new contacts for mom) by next weekend.

~Melody :-)

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