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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Fun

It's been a pretty busy week for us.

On Tuesday, Cate and I started our Aqua-babies class at the YMCA. It's not really swim lessons. We splash in the water, sing songs, play with toys, etc. The lifeguard does put Cate under the water, but only very briefly (less than 1 second) and in a way that water doesn't go straight up her nose. It's important for Cate to learn early to spit that water out. We also back float (with her head against my shoulder) to get her used to water around her ears. She seemed to enjoy the class (and the echo her squeals made in the pool). Mommy enjoyed it too. I'd been wanting to do some kind of mommy and me class with her since I pretty much peed on the stick and got a positive. There aren't a lot of evening and weekend options available for us working moms, but I found one. Sometime in late winter/early spring, I'm hoping to do a sign language class with her as well (we were going to start one last weekend, but it was canceled- so we're swimming instead). Don't judge- I am not over-committing my child before she's even one. I just like having something to do with her outside of our home, especially since I work.
(If you're wondering about the glasses- I had swollen corneas a week ago. It was pretty painful. Now that they're not swollen, I need to get some new contacts).

Anyway...on Wednesday we went to a Harvest Party at my grandma's church. Eric was busy with work, so it was Mommy/Daughter time again. Cate enjoyed her first wagon ride. No hay- too many allergies and too much mess.
She crawled around on the slick gym floor too. I think she liked being able to slide around.
Today I left my house dressed like this:
Our team of teachers was a biker gang for Halloween.
Again, don't judge. Our team was previously known for our lame attempts at costumes. We were a ruler last year...cute, but lame. The teacher Halloween costume contest is pretty intense at our school. The winning team of teachers gets the coveted "golden broom" and bragging rights for the next year. We were a little surprised we won (student council judges us), but excited to win the golden broom for the first time. Thank you to my mother-in-law for loaning me the Harley gear (my in-laws just got a brand new Harley-- it's pretty sweet). The chaps were a little hot to teach in, but I made it. Eric thought my Vera Bradley lunch bag, Coach purse, and breast pump definitely completed my look as I left this morning.

This afternoon we finally carved our pumpkin:
Cate wasn't really too sure about the whole touching pumpkin guts thing. But she did enjoy reading the Halloween book Mommy and Daddy got her (she can't have candy yet, and we had to get her something to put in her cute little bucket).
I took her to see a few coworkers who live in the neighborhood before we headed home, exhausted. Cate is now sound asleep. And since I've caught you all up on all things Riggs, I'm off to bed as well. Happy Halloween.

~Melody :-)

PS...Please read my quick post from earlier tonight (the post right before this one) and please pray for those mentioned. Thanks!

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