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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

I don't like paying too much for Cate's clothes because she outgrows them so fast. However, once in awhile, I like to splurge on an outfit. So here's a look at Cate's holiday outfit (you'll be seeing more of it in the coming weeks). You can't tell very well in the picture, but it's an ivory turtleneck sweater, a maroon tutu-ish skirt, and ivory tights with maroon snowflakes. Her patent leather mary janes from Nana complete the outfit. I want to get some use out of it though, so she wore it to church today and a Thanksgiving celebration at my grandma's (my mom's mom) church. She'll wear it on Thanksgiving of course (she's a pretty neat eater right now), and throughout the holiday season. I picked snowflakes though because then she can continue to wear it through the winter too...until she outgrows it.

Cate also went to church decked out today in a new coat.
It's actually my old coat from infancy which my grandmother (my dad's mom) made. It's made out of velveteen and has a hat and leg warmers. We didn't do the leg warmers today though. Cate actually didn't mind it, even though this picture tells a different story. As long as she can still move, she doesn't care what you put her in.
Here she is on the move. Next she she'll have a similar coat to wear that's red. And she's got two cute white spring coats that are a lighter weight (one for this year and one for next). I really love all of the hand made clothing Cate has that was mine. My grandmother is a talented seamstress and every time I dress Cate in something she made, I am reminded that if I ever find some time I need my grandma to teach me to sew (even just basic things).

Don't forget to read the post below this one entitled "Blessings" and leave a comment about what you're thankful for.

~Melody :-)

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