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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

iPhoto Shoot

So while I can't upload any pictures from my camera while we're away, Cate and I did have some fun playing around with my sister's new MacBook and the Photo Booth application.  She was fascinated by the camera and therefore wouldn't smile, but the pictures are still quite hilarious as you can see: 

Here we are with the alien effect:
And the bulge effect:
Pop art: 
And a normal one for all of her fans: 
We also had a great time today with Melisa, my friend from high school, and her son, Logan, at the breastfeeding moms' support group.  Logan and Cate loved staring at each other, holding hands, and making grabs for one another's faces.  The program on babyproofing (specifically for burn safety) was great.  The lactation consultant that runs it also brings a scale with her to do weight checks.  With her clothes on and a diaper, Cate was at 17 pounds, 1 ounce.  In reality though, she'd probably be just under 17 pounds naked.  I wish we had something like this in Cincinnati.  

~Melody :-)

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LLF said...

Hi Melody, I was just looking at your adorable pictures of Cate and saw that you said you wished you had something like Melisa's breastfeeding Moms support group here in Cincy. My Girl Scout coleader goes to one in Mt. Lookout Square (I used to watch her kid when she went) and I can get you the info if you're interested!