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Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!

Celebrating this year was a lot different now that we have a 5 month old. It was kind of rainy off and on all day, and Cate wasn't much for napping today (though she did sleep in until 10:00 after only getting up for a 6am feeding...so we guess it's just a give and take).

Cate still got dressed up in her red, white, and blue (while without consciously thinking about it, Mommy ended up in red and daddy in blue).
We had Melody's grandmother over this evening and grilled some burgers (in the rain). Cate got her first "taste" of watermelon.
We think she liked it. And then Daddy showed her a sparkler for the first time (also in the rain).
After Cate went to bed, we watched The Bucket List, which is a pretty good movie to check out if you haven't seen it yet. Once Mel got back from dropping off her grandmother, we brewed a cup of coffee and headed out to our front porch (the rain had finally stopped), lit the rest of our sparklers together and watched our pyro-neighbors set off fireworks. It was weird not going to any official fireworks shows or festivals, but when we think of all the stuff we would have had to schlep with us, we're glad we stayed home.

Happy Birthday America!

~Eric and Melody :-)

1 comment:

Debra said...

I remember a time so long ago our family having the 4th with your family! Had hamburgers, watermelon, and fireworks !! very nice! we loved Hudson and our special neighbors!!