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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our 100th Post!

We've reached a milestone...100 posts! Apparently our adventures in pregnancy, parenting, and life in general are interesting enough for you to keep reading (though this is somewhat therapeutic for us). We thought that maybe after a week off, we'd have something cooler to post about- not the case though. Oh well...here are some highlights from the last week.

We'll begin with Mel and Cate's Friday adventure. Cate has always been observant. She was born with eyes wide open and loves to look at things (especially pictures and mirrors on the wall). So on Friday, Melody ventured to the art museum with Cate. If you haven't been lately, remember, it's free. Plus, there are two special exhibits that are also free. One is of things the museum has brought out of storage and has on display (yes, Cincinnati's collection is big enough to warrant some pieces being stored and rotated in). The other exhibit is the work of David Macaulay who does some awesome black and white drawings of buildings. Mel remembered looking at his books as a kid and picked up the CATHEDRAL book for Eric at the library (which went well with his current leisure reading, The Pillars of the Earth).
Then it was off to Krohn Conservatory (also free) since they were in the neighborhood. Cate loved the waterfall...mesmerized may be more the word.
And until August, they have a pretty cool exhibit where they've taken red, white, and blue flowers as well as some bamboo building replicas (not sure if that's the exact wood used) to create a mini- Washington DC and national mall. If you're in the area, you should go check it out.
Cate came home and ate some carrots (we've moved on to orange veggies now). And she's getting much better at taking food from a spoon.
But she still gets some on her face and nose. Thankfully it's summer and she just eats in her diaper a lot of the time.

On Saturday, we took her to her first parade. It was Ridge Day...cause for celebration indeed. Cate liked the different marching bands, drum corps', and anything musical. Perhaps she'll have her daddy's musical talent or play the clarinet like mommy.
We went to a picnic afterwards, but Cate got hot quickly so we didn't stay long. The rest of the weekend and beginning of this week have been pretty relaxed. Cate got some cool baby leg warmers (now that we've mastered rolling over, crawling will be next and we want those chubby legs protected from the cold wood floors in our house). They are way cute!
We also got an awesome toy basket. Along with rolling over, Cate grabs for toys and wants to play with them. We love that this basket is sturdy so it won't tip easily and has an open top so Cate can see in (once she can sit up). Plus, it makes taking toys with her easier (like when we go to visit people). We just pick up the basket and go.
Sometimes Cate and Eric wear themselves out playing.
One other thing we discovered this week, thanks to a tip from one of Mel's high school friends (thank you Mary Louise) was the Barenaked Ladies kids' CD, SNACKTIME. Those of you that know us, know we don't do cheesy kids' music. And we love music in general, so we want Cate to listen to the best (c'mon, the baby has lullaby versions of Coldplay, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, and Beatles' songs...of course she'll have awesome taste in music). Most of their songs are great and true to BNL style. Melody is a fan of the ABC song where they have a word for every letter and each of those words has a silent beginning (example: A is for Aisle, C is for Czar, T is for Tsunami, etc.). She also likes the Eraser song while Eric is a fan of the song Things which has three lines (There are things that make me mad, you are not one of them/There are things that make me sad, you are not one of them/There are things that make me Dad, you seem to be all of them).

So we guess that's it for our 100th post. Thanks for being awesome readers! And as always, we'll keep you posted ;-)

~Eric and Melody

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