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Friday, July 18, 2008

Water Fight

So for the last 20 minutes or so, while Cate is snoozing away (we've had a great week napping-wise), I have been watching my neighbors and their two kids have a water fight. I'm not sure what started it. The kids were definitely in their swimsuits though and the parents in their clothes. I saw some water balloons go flying, the squirt guns came out, and then mom pulled a sneak attack with the hose. Dad was quick to pick up the umbrella from the patio furniture at one point to use as a shield, but not before he filled up one of those huge orange water coolers (the kind you see at sporting events) and dumped it on one of the kids.

Seeing this reminds me of a night when I was little. We were living at the house I was born in over in Anderson Township and there were sprinklers going in just about every yard. I couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 (plus we moved to the other side of Anderson when I was 6, so I know it was before then). I remember the adults standing around in one driveway while we kids played hide and seek. No clue how many of us kids there were playing. One of us ran through one sprinkler and before we knew it, we were all running through all of the sprinklers...getting soaked...in our clothes...while our parents watched and laughed and decided that at least we wouldn't need baths that night.

It's moments like these that I'm looking forward to with Cate...but in a few years. Right now I'm happy to watch from the window, with my cold glass of lemonade, comforted by the air conditioner. If your kids are older though, I highly recommend checking out the Flipflops and Applesauce blog at right. I do not know the blogger (just like I don't personally know the It's the Little Things blogger or the CF husband blogger), but it is a blog I like to check out. She has great ideas for family togetherness and things to do with your kids...so if you're looking for things to do other than water fighting, you may want to navigate yourself in that direction.