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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary

In February 2002, Eric and I met when his fraternity rented out a roller rink in Trenton and had a 70's themed roller derby party. We found that we shared a love of good music, drinking our coffee black, reading, and Mac computers. It didn't take long before Eric figured out which mornings I worked at the coffee station at Miami's Belltower Dining Hall and I actually started "trying" to not look like I had not just rolled out of bed minutes before my shift started (the one exception being the morning when someone pulled the fire alarm at 3am in my dorm). Soon we were taking in each other's favorite movies, rollerblading around campus, and staying up way too late just hanging out. I accompanied Eric to his fraternity's grab-a-date and after he came to Kappa Phi's formal with me, we officially decided to give a relationship a go (with two weeks left in the school year...great timing I know).

Fast forward to late March 2003, when Eric surprised me in New York City (where I was enjoying spring break with some of my girlfriends). He played a song he wrote (and that I later walked down the aisle to) while in Strawberry Fields in Central Park. He then proposed and of course I said yes!

Fast forward another year and a half or so. On July 10, 2004, we said I do, exchanged vows and rings, and had a fantastic time dancing the night away with 200 or so of our closest friends and family. And while marriage definitely takes some work, it's work we love and we wouldn't do a thing differently if we could. I think the video below speaks for itself as it captures our life together thus far- with Cate being the newest chapter (she's in there at the end...we know you read this just to see her...who cares about mom and dad). Here's to hoping and praying for many more to come! We are truly blessed!

~Melody :-)

("So Deep in Love" by Joel Auge)

PS...Our iMovie skills are improving...at least we think so.

PPS...Remember Facebook-ers, you'll have to come http://growingupriggs.blogspot.com to actually watch the video unless the import note function has suddenly decided to import videos too.


Ryan said...

wow- were you guys really that young looking when you got married? that's wild!!! A little scary to see you age before my eyes too... and I yelped when I saw E's shaved head.. I had forgotten that:) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love you both and I'm so happy for you and Cate! Here's to many many many more years!

Aunt B and 3 said...

What a great day.....never forget my first look at the beautiful bride with her gown up over her head and a fan blowing away trying to keep cool before the ceremony! So much fun. Have a great day guys.
Love Aunt B and 3

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story...So romantic. I remember your mom telling us about the Strawberry Fields proposal!

Rachel said...

I thought the same thing as Ryan...you two looked so young! But happy :o)
Thanks for sharing your video & blog!
Happy Anniversary!
Love you 3!

Anonymous said...

I also echo what Ryan said - though I can't believe it's ONLY been 4 years since the day I've felt closest to Mel, as I held the ridiculously huge skirt of her wedding gown in an equally ridiculously small bathroom stall ;p Have a great day, you two crazy (and still young looking!) lovebirds :-)


Leanne B. said...

What a cute video! Happy Anniversary!!!