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Friday, August 1, 2008

A Week Away

I guess I should start at the beginning...with last weekend first since I haven't blogged about it. Cate and I made it to our third Oakley After Hours in a row (we went in May when Eric was in Tahoe and in June to get Cate's fingerprint made for our anniversary necklaces). This time Cate and I met up with one of my friends that I teach with and one of my friends from Team in Training and their kiddos- who clearly enjoyed themselves:
My mom had flown from Hudson to Atlanta to look at a house with my dad and they drove up from Atlanta to Cincinnati late Friday night. On Saturday, we got to visit with my parents and some of my dad's family (some in from Arizona, some from other parts of Ohio). After my dad headed back to Atlanta on Sunday, we took Cate and my mom up to Eric's parents' house for swimming and some dinner. Cate was sure to wear her adorable sundress that Eric's parents got her on their cruise:
On Monday, my mom, Cate, my grandma (mom's mom) and I packed up the car and headed to Hudson. Our first couple of days there were pretty relaxed as evidenced by Cate's arm resting behind her head:
I was very proud of myself for getting the pack n' play set up all on my own. :-)

On Wednesday, we headed with my friend from high school, Melisa, and her son, Logan, to a breastfeeding moms' support group. Their group was awesome and program great! As I peruse Facebook pages and blogs of people I went to high school with, it is crazy (in a good way) to see how many of us are parents (or soon-to-be parents). And it's good to know there will be a bunch of crazy kiddos for Cate to play with at our 10 year reunion in a couple of years.
Cate certainly got most of the attention on our trip. On Thursday during my Aunt B's lunch visit, Cate entertained us as she ate her favorite snack- Baby Mum Mum rice rusks. Apparently she can eat them with no hands.
Besides visiting with my family and getting my mom back to Hudson, our other reason for the trip was to see my cousin, Jennifer, perform in a community theater performance of Godspell. Jennifer just finished her freshmen year as a Spanish Education major at the Akron. I absolutely loved the show and seeing Jennifer perform. Jenn's the one on the left in this picture. Her dad, my Uncle Rob, also played guitar to accompany the performance. If I can get the video clip to post later, you'll be able to hear some of Jenn's duet with her dad strumming in the background.
It was definitely a fast week, but we made it home safe and sound today (ironically we sat in the most traffic in Hudson...30 minutes just to get out of town since they were repaving). I'm glad to be home with Eric and we're kickin' butt on Mario Kart for the Wii (you drive it with a real steering wheel). He got it as an early birthday present from my parents last weekend. You'll all have to come drive with us.

~Melody :-)

PS...since Eric works for LLS (and did something similar when he was raising money for TNT), you have to check this out...click here!

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