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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary Part 2

So I forgot to post this in my last post...but this is what we had done for our anniversary. Eric and I heard about SmallPrint before Cate was even born and knew we'd want to do it at some point in time. A couple of weeks ago, I took Cate to a little baby boutique in Oakley and Holly, the Cincinnati area SmallPrint rep, took an impression of her index fingerprint and transferred them onto beautiful charms for both of us. Eric's is on a leather cord, mine on a silver chain. It's crazy to think that even a month from now, her fingerprint will already be bigger.
I also woke up to this way cool box on the kitchen table. I love these three words and they pretty much epitomize my life right now.
He filled it with cool notecards since I've been writing a lot of regular mail lately (especially thank you notes since people always seem to want to buy our kid stuff) :-).
Eric had been eyeing a particular new cell phone for awhile, so I cheated and used my new free phone credit from Verizon to get him a new one. There wasn't anything wrong with mine- so I figured why not? He promised to let me use his free phone credit in November to get a new one...something with a QWERTY keyboard since the anal retentive English teacher in me would find that much easier for texting.
But really, the best part of today is having Cate with us to celebrate!
~Melody :-)

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Leanne B. said...

Those charms are adorable. What a creative gift! So fun!