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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat

Sunday night Cate posed for a quick picture by the jack-o-lantern that Eric carved.
Then, armed with her jack-o-lantern flashlight from Nanny and Poppy, Cate headed out to trick or treat with Daddy while Mommy stayed home and passed out candy.
To be fair, Mommy did take Cate to Great Granny and Uncle Ed's house to trick or treat just before the actual trick or treat began. She also took Cate to the home of a coworker that lives up the street. Then Daddy took over and took Cate around our block. They came home with a lot of loot.
Cate's favorites so far are Tootsie Rolls, M & M's, Reese Pieces, and Kit Kats (one of Mommy's favorites too). Thankfully we only made it around one block and we managed to get rid of all of our candy (two bags). So we don't have a bunch of candy around the house...a good thing going into the holiday season.

~Melody :-)

PS...And on sort-of related note-- what was with all of the adults trick or treating? I realize we live in an urban area and so I've come to expect an adult or two that will shamelessly come up to the door and ask for candy because they're too cheap to just go buy some of their own. Something that probably doesn't happen in more suburban areas. But this year there seemed to be more adults than usual. And most weren't even dressed up. If you're going to trick-or-treat, at least go put on a costume and make an effort. I heard several "reasons" for the adult trick or treating too. "My kid is home sick," "I lost a bet so now I have to trick or treat," and pretending not to speak English (okay maybe they really didn't speak English)/not understand that adults don't trick or treat were just a few of my favorites. I was also semi-disappointed in the amount of kids we had show up that lacked a costume. Isn't the point of Halloween and trick or treating to get dressed up in a costume?

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