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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My First "Made for You" Mommy Present

I didn't get a chance to take pictures at yesterday's art class because the craft was a little involved-- and there were two of them! The first (on the right below) was a turkey made out of an egg carton. We painted it brown, glued on feathers, a beak, eyes, and a gobbler (you know the red thing that hangs down from their neck). The second (on the left below) was a turkey pin made out of construction paper, cardboard, and some glue-on jewels.
Cate had a blast making both and was so proud to give the pin to me. It's now affixed to my jacket. I love it! I love that she made it, did most of the work, and wanted to give it to mommy.
The kids also colored turkey pictures while they were waiting for their projects to dry. Cate continued to color hers at home. She is making such an effort to stay within the lines now. It's crazy. And I am so proud of how well she traces letters.
After art class yesterday, we headed to my grandma's (dad's mom) for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousin's daughter. They were visiting in town from Louisiana. One of my cousin's had to work and the other wasn't feeling well, but it was still fun to see my aunt and uncle and their granddaughter, whom I haven't seen since she was a baby. Cate had fun playing with her cousin (who is about 11 months younger than her) and I had fun watching them interact.
Not too bad for a Saturday. We spent most of today just relaxing around the house. A warm spell has hit our area sending temperatures to near 70 degrees. But Ol' Man Winter is lurking right around the corner as the temperatures are supposed to plunge by Thanksgiving.

~Melody :-)

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