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Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Haircut

Cate's hair has been out of control for quite some time now. Some days it's super curly all over and looks like a 'fro. Other days parts of it are curly, parts are only wavy, and still other parts are straight. She kind of has this part mohawk, part mullet thing going on. And every day she wakes up looking like Kramer from Seinfeld. While I don't think we'll take her regularly to a kids' haircut place (too expensive and they do the same thing you can do at Great Clips), we decided a kids' place was the best option for her first time. You can see how crazy her hair was pre-haircut.
She sat on a little playground animal frog while they cut her hair and wore a serious expression pretty much the entire time.
I did think it was creative on the part of the stylist to have Cate put stickers on the frog's head in order to get her to look down so the hair in the back could be trimmed.
She still wasn't too sure about the whole thing when she was done. But she didn't cry at all either.
I think she looked pretty cute! And I can't believe that it took almost 3 years of her life before she needed a haircut! Hopefully the trimming and shaping she got today will help her hair lie better on her head and help it grow in a little fuller. Still, knowing that the hair that got cut off was her baby hair-- those first locks that we waited FOREVER to come in-- was hard on mommy. We saved a cute little curl that I'll put in a picture frame with a picture of her at her first haircut for later. If her hair grows in okay, she probably won't need another trim and shape until spring.
~Melody :-)


Emily said...

First off, love the new blog design and caption. :) Second, I can't believe that was Cate's first haircut! Aidan will probably be the same way... he's a fuzzy headed little guy. Cate is turning into such a beautiful, little girl! :)

Cecily said...

What a little dear! And what a big moment for her AND you!


ps- I love the Penguin costume she wore on Halloween.

pss- Great job on your new blog design. Looks lovely.

Mama Marchand said...

I love the cut! And the new blog design! :)