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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wiggin' Out

Tomorrow is wig day at school as part of Red Ribbon Week (say no to drugs week). We've had a different theme for each day-- crazy socks, wear red, mix-up/mismatch day, you get the idea. Anyway, Eric always wears this wig for Team in Training events so that his participants can find him when he is out on a course as staff. I'm wearing it tomorrow for wig day. Cate had to try it on tonight just for fun. The fact that she was already wearing a green sweatshirt makes it even more hilarious. Hopefully she won't do anything this crazy in a permanent way when she's older...but of course if she does, we love and accept her for who she is.

~Melody :-)

1 comment:

Mama Marchand said...

By older, do you mean 13? 16? Or 30? Cause' if N came home from a friend's house with neon green hair at 13, I'd REALLY wig out. At 16? Maybe. At 30? I'd laugh really hard. :)