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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Party

Last weekend, Cate got to spend Saturday night with Eric's parents so that Eric and I could have a much-needed date night. They were excited to have her as their friends that live on 17 acres were having a big Halloween party. We were excited to be able to have dinner out by ourselves and to see a movie (we saw Life as We Know It-- it was cute--a pretty typical romantic comedy).

Anyway, Cate was super-excited to tell us all about her adventures at the party when we arrived to pick her up on Sunday morning. First, there was the pumpkin pinata (thank you to Eric's stepdad for sending us the pictures).
By the time Cate got a turn, the stem had broken, so she had to hit it on the ground. She was excited for the candy to come out.

Next, they went on a hayride around the farm. They do a couple of different hayrides. For the younger kids, they do a fun hayride where the "monsters" on the ride come out, but the kids all yell "Boo" to make them go away. On the older kid/adult version, the "monsters" actually try to scare the riders.

Later, they listened to a Halloween story. Cate was intrigued...
...probably because at the end of it they lit a fire in a pumpkin.
She's been talking about the party and yelling "boo" to the "monsters" all week. When she learned about the letter "B" the other day with her babysitter (more on that later), she came home and told me "boo" started with B (along with Baby, Brennan, and Bottle).

Thanks Grandma and Poppy for a great weekend! Cate is excited to come back again this weekend. Yes, I know, we're lucky! This weekend our small group is throwing us a couples' baby sprinkle (as opposed to a full blown shower, which we don't need since we really don't need anything the second time around). So Cate gets to go back for a second weekend of fun. I think it might be hard to top that party though.

~Melody :-)

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