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Friday, October 8, 2010

More Fall Fun

Did you get the general gist in my last post that I LOVE fall?!? Just in case you didn't, here's another post about some fall fun. I'll start with some home decor (so Martha Stewart, I know). We bought some gourds at the farmer's market in NE Ohio last weekend as well as a couple of mini-pumpkins. Pop in a large, white Pottery Barn serving bowl and you've got an instant fall center piece for the dining room table.
And even though the light on this lamp-post hasn't worked since we moved in (we've tried to figure it out, but it continually baffles us), I did go ahead and decorate it with some corn.
Cate is obviously a lot more aware of the weather and seasonal changes than she's ever been before. So I bought a couple of books about Halloween. Okay, we already had Hallo-Wiener. I bought that one when I worked at a bookstore several years ago because I grew up with a wiener dog. I love that the dog in this book is named Oscar (as in Oscar Meyer wiener).
We also checked out a few Halloween library books.
And then, while shopping for a friend's daughter's birthday present at our local children's bookstore the other day, I stumbled upon this book:
Cate loves stickers and so far she loves this book. The pages actually take her awhile to do because there are so many stickers. Each one is a fun Halloween scene to decorate. So I figure we'll do one or two a day, when we have time, until the book is finished. We've already done the build-a-monster page:
And the Dr. Frankenstein's Lab page:
It's a Halloween hit with my sweet girl and I love the minutes...which have literally turned into almost an hour with Cate...that we've spent on each page, putting the stickers on (they don't have to go in any specific place) and chatting about what's happening in the picture. Maybe Usborne (the sticker book's publisher) makes a Christmas one?

~Melody :-)

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I like how you decorated your non-working-outdoor-light. There is a store that sells corn stalks nearby, and you've inspired me to buy some to decorate our porch posts.