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Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Like Mommy

I noticed the other day that Cate and I both had on navy blue skirts (made from oh-so-soft jersey cotton; hers from Lands End, mine from J.Crew). At the time I had on a green long-sleeved shirt and Cate had on a shirt of another color. I pointed out to her that we both had on navy blue skirts and she thought that was really cool. After a search through her drawer, I found a green long sleeved shirt for Cate, put it on her, and there it was-- we matched.
No, we didn't go out in public or anything like that. Cate thought it was so cool to look "just like mommy" for the rest of the day.

Speaking of being "like mommy" (and daddy), Cate loves books and loves to read-- just like her parents. We have a TON of books, but I couldn't resist adding a few more "boy" oriented books to our collection for Brennan. I know he won't even be a week old at Christmas (at least I'm praying he won't come so early that he's more than a week old at that point), but he'll still have these board books under the tree: The Star Wars book was more for Daddy's sake. Brennan probably won't even see a Star Wars movie until he's in elementary school. I really hope both of my kids grow up to be as avid readers as Eric and I are-- but of course I'll love them just the same if they're not big book nerds too. :-)

~Melody :-)


Mama Marchand said...

You better believe that if we ever have a boy, we WILL have Star Wars stuff. Chris saw a bed set when we were pregnant with N (before we knew she was N) and he started begging. Um ... NO. :)

You and Cate look adorable!

The Palmer Family Blog said...

I believe those books may have come from Scholastic? He he...Morgan has the same ones!

BTW, also love the matching outfits! Tessa likes to dress us alike too.