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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun Family Friday!

We don't have many more weeks left with Cate as our only child, so we're trying to savor each moment with our sweet girl. We've had some free bowling coupons for awhile now and decided that she was probably old enough to head to the bowling alley and give it a try. First, can I just say that while ugly on adults, toddler bowling shoes are adorable!
I'm pretty sure she loved tap-dancing on the shiny wood floor with those shoes just as much as she loved bowling itself. Cate was a little apprehensive at first, and thought the six pound ball was a little too heavy.
Each time she bowled, we moved a little wooden ramp to the top of her lane and then brought her her ball. She pushed it down the lane (which had bumpers) and clapped and cheered when it knocked pins over. She even picked up a couple of spares. In the end, she ended up LOVING it! Our lane "froze" halfway through our game and they had to move us one lane over. As compensation, they gave us three free games to come back again (and our 3 games we played tonight were free to begin with since Eric had some coupons).
We'll definitely be going back. And when this little bowling ball gets older...
...fun family Fridays at the bowling alley may have to be a once a month outing (FYI...for you non-Ohio people, you can't smoke in public places in Ohio so the bowling alleys, once smoke-filled places of entertainment, are much cleaner and kid-friendly).

In the end, our scores were Cate- 81, Mommy- 129, and Daddy- 82. Remember, we had bumpers. You can make fun of Eric later.
We ended our night at Frisch's Big Boy, where Mommy and Cate both enjoyed their hot fudge cake while Daddy enjoyed pumpkin pie.
It was literally a perfect evening for one of our last weeks of being a family of 3. I'll leave you with a little video of Cate showing off her bowling skills.

~Melody :-)


Emily said...

Aww! I'm so glad that you guys were able to have such a wonderful family night. It's almost bittersweet to think that Cate won't be your only little one... But, I know she'll be SUCH a great big sister to Brennan and a wonderful helper for Mommy and Daddy! :)

Anonymous said...

That seems like a lot of fun! Our high school staff started a bowling league. I have played about 3 times in my life and I scored better than Eric - without the bumpers. I shouldn't make fun of him because I really don't know him....but I can't resist!