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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goin' Pumpkin Pickin'

Last weekend when we headed north to see my family, we spent a couple of hours on Saturday at a local farmer's market in the Cuyahoga Valley. My parents go there fairly regularly in the summer to get good, locally grown corn and other veggies. On this trip though, we were looking for a locally grown pumpkin (and some apple cider to take home). They also had a corn maze set up for kids. Cate enjoyed the wooden cutouts for picture taking just outside the maze.
But she wasn't too crazy about the maze itself, despite having Daddy and Aunt C to walk around with her (sidenote: it was not a "scary" maze...just a fun, wind-your-way-through-at-your-own-pace-and-enjoy-being-lost-in-the-corn type of maze.
Once Cate, Daddy, and Aunt C emerged from the corn maze, we headed over to pick out a pumpkin. There were plenty to choose from. But Poppy finally helped Cate pick the perfect one (more on that in a later, pumpkin-carving post).
Cate even started smiling again after awhile.
Mommy had fun taking pictures of the cute fall decorations they had for sale...
...and some of the colorful gourds (we brought some home to decorate with...more in a later post as well).
And of course, I couldn't get enough photographs of my sweet girl.
I know I'd probably get used to it, and I know in the midst of crazy winters I make comments that would make one think the opposite, but really I just don't think I could live somewhere that didn't have seasons. I don't know. There's just something about the weather turning cooler so that the hot apple cider at the pumpkin patch tastes better. I don't think picking out a pumpkin would be quite the same somewhere where the average October temperature is in the 80's and I have to wear shorts (and not a sweater) to go pick one out. I love fall. I love the trees changing, the crisp air, wearing sweaters, hot apple cider (or cold), pumpkin picking, and fall decor. And of course I love what lies around the corner from fall...CHRISTMAS! But it's too early to talk about that. Let's let the leaves fall off the trees first.

~Melody :-)


Tudor Rose said...

My parents have been going to that farmer's market for years. Just recently they bought me some ears of corn and pumpkin butter!

Carly said...

I'll admit that the holidays are strange in warm weather. Christmas is much worse than fall, but it is just strange all around. We were finally able to turn off the a/c 2 days ago. We definitely talk about moving back north.