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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Sewing

A couple of weekends ago, I was back in my hometown for a bridal shower. Want all the details? Click here. I mentioned that while there, I did a bit of sewing and I figured it was time to share what I created while up north.

First, I finished this dress that I started last August. I was kind of waiting on it to make sure Cate wasn't going to hit a super growth spurt. I actually had to take in the straps a little (with some help from my mom) for it to fit around Cate's chest properly. There is still a third tier that I can add later (when I take out the straps), so it's definitely a dress that will grow with Cate through the next year and maybe even the year after.
Then, in a feeling-inspired-June-Cleaver kind of mood, I made an apron for myself. It's reversible.
I do have an awesome pink striped apron from Williams Sonoma that my hubby got me. It's the one that gets messy when I bake (which is what I usually do in the kitchen) or if I'm cooking something messy (which happens maybe once or twice a month). I figured this apron would be more for those moments when I'm putting the finishing touches on something or doing dishes. It's not really a get-messy kind of apron. I love it! I was also semi-inspired by an article I read in Southern Living magazine that talked about reviving the hostess apron, which is pretty much what this apron is. Not that we do a ton of entertaining-- unless you count our small group coming over once a week.

And because no post is really complete without a picture of my sweet girl, here she is with book in hand (a girl truly after my own heart). ~Melody :-)

1 comment:

wrensmommy said...

holy cow! those are ADORABLE!!!

i'm super jealous!