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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Around Town and Then Some-- A Sort of Random Post

Yesterday we met my friend Emily for lunch downtown at Fountain Square. Cate loved playing around the fountain, and the wind had picked up so much that she pretty much got a shower from the mist.
Mommy, Daddy, and Emily enjoyed lunch from Bagel and Deli. The Bagel and Deli in Oxford, where we all went to college, is one of my favorite Oxford haunts. It stayed open well past the bars' closing times, delivered food, had a lighter chained to the counter so it wouldn't get stolen and sold cigarettes individually (if you're into that, which I wasn't). It also looked like it had about every health code violation imaginable. But man-- it. is. good.

The new Bagel and Deli downtown also stays open late, but there isn't a lighter chained to the counter and it is much, much, cleaner. Still, the steamed bagel sandwiches are amazing.

After doing some research online, I found that if you aren't in Cincinnati or Oxford, you can get similar sandwiches in Chicago, Indianapolis, and even Charlotte, NC.

Today we headed to Maysville, Kentucky to visit a great college friend, Rachel, and her six-week old daughter, Maddie. Maddie is absolutely precious and Rachel is a natural momma.
Cate wasn't too keen on me holding Maddie at first. She tried to push Maddie off of my lap and said "no like it." After awhile though, she warmed up to the idea and wanted to tickle Maddie's feet and neck.
And did you notice the new haircut and highlights?

I've never been much of a hair girl. I mean, the same woman cut my hair and styled it for all of the dances in high school, but I never really latched onto anyone. In fact, I'm usually the "wait until it annoys you and then go get it cut" kind of girl. But after winning some highlights and a haircut at the Stop Traffick Fashion t-shirt launch party a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to start being a grown up and go to a real salon.

I think it looks pretty awesome. And yes, I did schedule an appointment to come back in 10 weeks to keep up with it. My hair feels great now that it's been liberated from the pony-tail it pretty much lived in for the last 6 months.

Tomorrow we're leaving Daddy behind to head to NE Ohio for a visit with family and a bridal shower. I'm secretly hoping I come home to a spotless house since my hubby really does rock the housework like that, but I'd be thankful if just the clutter piles and dust bunnies were gone. We've been having so much spring break fun that I haven't had time to clean. And you know what--it's not bothering me in the least.

~Melody :-)

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