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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cate Sings

We've known for awhile that Cate loves music-- like her Mommy and Daddy. In fact, if she keeps showing such enthusiasm for music (or art or dance or theater), Cincinnati Public has an awesome magnet school for the performing arts for K-3. It's even rated Excellent by the state of Ohio, a rarity in CPS.

Lately, Cate has been singing. A lot. In the car, in her stroller, when she's playing. The girl just sings and sings. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Jesus Loves Me" are two of her current favorites. However, our church put out a kids' CD recently to go along with the "FREE" journey that I've blogged about and Cate sings along with a couple of those songs as well.

I've had a really hard time capturing her singing on video though. As soon as I get the camera out, she stops singing. Finally though, during a jam session with Daddy tonight, Miss Cate cooperated and I got a few videos of her singing and making music with Daddy.


~Melody :-)

And yes, I know that Cate's birthday was almost three months ago and yes, we still do let the Elmo pinata decorate our piano.

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