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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Delta Gamma Family Day

We traveled to northeast Ohio again this weekend for my sister's family weekend for her sorority, Delta Gamma.

Sidenote: Friday night we introduced Cate to Stoddard's frozen custard, which is just a couple of towns/suburbs away from my parents. It's been there since 1949 and my grandparents (Dad's parents) used to go before my dad was even born. She finished the whole cone by herself (it was kid-size) and didn't even make too big of a mess.
Back to the DG Family Day...Catherine (my sister) is convinced that Cate (her namesake) will also be a DG. I forgot my camera, so we're all cell-phone quality for this post.The weather was a little chilly, but we still got outside to snap some pictures. Cate also got to participate in the "Watershed" singing ritual. She's the little one shaking her booty below. It cracked Catherine's sorority sisters up.

It was a weekend well spent. Except for the fact that I left some papers that needed grading up there. So....thank goodness for FedEx and awesome parents who are FedEx-ing those papers to me. Hey, it was cheaper than both of us driving to Columbus tonight to meet up and get them.


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