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Friday, October 23, 2009

I Think She's Trying To Tell Us Something

While picking up a prescription at Target (for me, more on that later) today, I ran down the toy aisle and picked up a pretend baby-bottle for Cate's baby doll.  She has really been all about the baby doll and pushing her in the stroller lately.  And tonight, she got to feed her baby.

She was actually quite excited to do it!  And she didn't yell and cry when I picked up her baby and fed her either. I know, I know it's not a real  baby...but it's nice to think we might be making some progress. She even fed the baby some juice that came with the whole toy feeding set.

Hmmmm...maybe I jumped the gun about that whole making progress thing.

That's fake juice in there baby girl.  Your real juice is on the coffee table.  And no, this post is not my way of saying that we're ready for baby 2.  It's not even on the discussion table yet.  Just clarifying.

I couldn't resist the antique effect on one either.  It reminds me of the way many pictures of me as a toddler look as the color has faded a little.

I think that last statement kind of means that I just sort of, you know, called myself antique...let's call it the color fade technique instead.

Oh, and the boots from this post...Carter's.  But not sure if they were last year or the year before.

In health news-- Cate is doing even better this evening.  She is continuing to eat, drink, play, and sleep like normal.  Her nose is a little runnier, but her fever is much lower...like 99.5 without Tylenol...and there were a few times today that she was normal without Tylenol.  So it looks like we're in recovery mode.  I'm so thankful things didn't have to get any worse before they started getting better.  Eric and I have managed to stay healthy and things with a new sitter are starting to fall into place.  I went to the doctor today about those pesky GI issues that still plague me from time to time.  After a long talk with my doctor, we're starting a new medication (hence the reason I traveled to Target today, but do I really need an excuse to go there).  The doctor is pretty confident that this should work for me...I don't feel it necessary to go into much more detail other than to say that we're both hopeful that within a maximum of 4-6 weeks, I should be feeling normal with NO flare-ups.

So tonight I'm at peace.  I'm calm.  I'm happy.  And I'm just in an overall good place going into the weekend...much better than where I was last night, or even this morning. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

~Melody :-)


Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

To one of the women who really inspired me to blog-- I've got an award for you over on mine!

Lynn said...


I am so glad things are getting back to normal for your family. That was a scary situation with Cate. It is good to see her feeling better!