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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where All the Women Are Strong, the Men are Good Looking, and The Children are Above Average

Cate demonstrated her above average-ness this week by brushing her own teeth. She loves to do it and moves the brush around pretty well in her mouth. And drinking out of her monkey cup adds to the fun.
And in case you were wondering, the very long title of this post is a tagline from "The News From Lake Wobegon," a regular segment on Garrison Keillor's NPR show, A Prairie Home Companion.

I wasn't much of an NPR girl until about a year into our marriage. Eric loves NPR and has listened to it since I don't know when. I tended to prefer (and sometimes still do), loud, blaring, music with the windows down. But the summer we celebrated our first anniversary, I found myself driving to Miami University every morning for eight weeks for grad school. I started listening to NPR as the local morning radio shows on the pop stations were getting annoying. And I've been hooked ever since. We love Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered, Car Talk, and of course, A Prairie Home Companion.

o last night we found ourselves with the unexpected pleasure of getting to watch a recording of A Prairie Home Companion. Someone Eric works with had tickets and didn't want to go. We bought them for about half price and enjoyed our seats at Riverbend, about 12 rows back.
(No cameras with detachable lenses were permitted, so you'll have to settle for pics from the Kodak Point and Shoot).

We are fans of the show, so of course we wanted to go, but the fact that one of my favorite poets, Billy Collins, was a guest, sweetened the deal. We were also introduced to the musical stylings of Kasey Chambers (available on iTunes) last night as she and her husband were guest performers. If you like Allison Kraus and Union Station, you'll like Kasey.

The show airs this weekend, so give your local NPR station a listen. Those of you from Cincinnati will appreciate some of the local inside jokes as well.

~Melody :-)

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