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Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday

I know I haven't been great about playing along, but now that I seem to be much better, for sure this time, I do have some things to confess. Check out all of the other confessionals at the MckMama blog.

When picking strawberries on Saturday, I did NOT simply laugh when I realized Cate was eating dirt and I did NOT do anything to stop it. Judging by the look on her face when she ate it, I don't think she'll be eating mud pies anytime soon.
I did NOT spend way too much on a hair clip for Cate this week. (Modeled in this previous post). And while I really couldn't duplicate such a complex hair clip (which is why I consider it money well spent), I did NOT get so inspired that I went out and bought some supplies to make hair clips of my own.
I have NOT made it one of my summer projects to make more of these so that when Cate has even more hair in the fall, she can wear them (I'm making them in matching sets so she can wear one now, like in the photo below, and two when she has a lot more hair).
Getting a hair clip in Cate's hair does NOT involve distracting her while putting the clip in and for a minute or so afterwards so she doesn't pull it out. A clip in her hair does NOT have the wear-time of about 20 minutes if she leaves it alone because she simply doesn't have enough hair to hold it in well. My supplies to make 36 clips did NOT cost as much as the one clip I bought her this week (to be fair, I did have some ribbon already at home).

I did NOT get this awesome hanging flower basket (which I did need seeing as the nesting bird and her babies--which have all flown away--killed our last hanging basket) complete with sweet notes, photos of the team, and a Target gift card from my Power of the Pen writers.
And speaking of Target, we do NOT go there so much that the security guard would actually say, "Wow, look at her walking now," to me when Cate entered the store holding my hand this weekend.

We have had the TV on so little lately, that Cate was NOT mesmerized by all of the TVs at BDubs tonight where we did NOT gorge ourselves on wings and cheesy fries in the name of charity (there was a fundraiser there for two students at my school that are battling cancer--one of whom I'm doing the bike ride in honor of).
Speaking of bike rides, I did NOT find myself going 32mph down a hill in a 25mph zone on a ride this weekend and think to myself, "I wonder if I can get pulled over for this?"

Finally, we did NOT strip Cate down to her diaper to let her eat a cupcake tonight. We wear clothes around here when we eat.
I think red is her color, don't you?

Your turn! Play along on your own blog or in the comments section.

~Melody :-)

1 comment:

Jenny said...

My husband refers to my Target visits as my "daily Target trips." I LOVE the hair clips!