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Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

My weekly confessional-- there is something oddly therapeutic about this. Read more by clicking here.

I did NOT finally earn enough Pampers Gifts to Grow points to get 200 free Shutterfly prints. I am now NOT faced with the decision of which picture frames in the house to update with the new prints.

We did NOT finally renew our zoo passes this weekend (they expired in April). This was NOT largely in part to the virus I had that pretty much consumed all of May, when I barely left the house, except for work (and even then I missed about 10 days total).

I did NOT leave my camera at home simply because I wanted to hang out with Cate and Eric and not be behind the lens. So when Cate got to feed a giraffe, I did NOT have to settle for a cell phone picture.
I did NOT have a blast catching up with college friends at a baby shower for my friend, Jenny. She did NOT look adorable in her summery, pink maternity dress.
I am NOT looking forward to a summer full of this with Cate:
And I will NOT wear jewelry next time we go to the pool. See this post if you're wondering why.

Cate did NOT pretty much sleep through her entire first teenage-babysitter experience on Saturday night. She has NOT gone to bed at 7 the last two nights because playing outside has exhausted her. Eric and I did NOT get to spend an evening going to see Cirque du Soleil's Journey of Man at the Omnimax Theater (it's only playing for one more Saturday and is amazing if you want to go). I did NOT spend the entire 45 minutes of the show thinking I need to see if there is a DVD of this because it would be perfect for teaching symbolism (there is and I will be purchasing it this summer to use next school year). After the show, we did NOT splurge on books to take on vacation with. Eric did NOT pick Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. He is NOT absolutely loving it (yes, he already started it, no, we're not on vacation).

We will NOT be heading to the library today for another prize as Cate has read another 5 library books. In fact, Cate is NOT so into books with pictures of other babies. She is NOT bringing them to us all of the time and crawling into our laps to read them to her. I am NOT slightly worried that we've already checked out all of the board books with pictures of babies in them.

Feel free to add your own weekly confessions. :-)

~Melody :-)


Aunt B and 3 said...

Eric, Great choice on Pride and Prejudice for vacation reading! I had the pleasure of reading that awesome classic over vacation last summer. My Jenn sensed how much I enjoyed it and splurged on my birthday gift with the DVD set from the Masterpiece Theatre production with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. (icing on the cake for me to be sure) This summer another Austen classic is underway for me as I am reading Persuasion.Have a safe journey out west and enjoy your R&R. Always, Aunt B and 3

The Riggs Family said...

Yes, but this is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. This guy basically took the original and then added his own scenes with zombies and ninjas. He made it more manly I guess. I've heard it's a hoot.