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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainy, Rainy Day

What to do on a rainy day? Especially when you are not just home by yourself with your 16 month old daughter, but your husband has the day off work, and your friend needs you to watch her 2 and a half year old for a few hours? And when you really don't want to leave home to go the Children's Museum because it's just that yucky outside? Here are some of our at-home rainy day boredom busters:

1. Pretend. While Cate napped this morning (the first morning nap she's taken in awhile), we got out my old dollhouse (which my mom just brought down for me last time she visited) for my friend's daughter to play with. She had a blast even though the house is in need of some repairs and new furniture. Can we say project for daddy? Actually, Eric seems very excited about fixing it up. He's got a few years to do it. A lot of the accessories are tiny and we didn't get them out today, even though my friend's daughter is pretty cautious and mature for 2 and a half. It's something Cate won't really get to play with until she's more like 6 or 7.
2. Build a fort. The girls (and Eric, who might be one of the biggest kids in the world I think) built a fort and proceeded to play in it (the sun was actually starting to come out when I got around to snapping this picture).
3. Color, color, color...we love those Tadoodles, but I didn't get any pictures of our masterpieces today...sorry.

4. Take a walk in the rain. Okay, it wasn't raining when we set out in the wagon after lunch, but it was sprinkling by the time we got back. No pictures of this either since I didn't want to chance getting the camera soaked.

5. Sew. When Cate takes her second nap of the day after her friend leaves, Mommy had time to practice sewing straight lines. As I've blogged before, one of my goals for the summer is to learn how to sew. My mom's mom is letting me borrow her sewing machine for the summer, while my dad's mom (a phenomenal seamstress) teaches me a few things. Last night she helped me get the machine up and running and then brought some striped scrapped fabric for me to practice sewing on. I know you can't tell from the picture, but I'm getting better. :-)
6. Swing. Luckily, Cate's swing is covered as it's on our front porch (I think we may splurge for a swingset next summer). She's been loving the swing this summer and it calms her down anytime she starHopefully tomorrow's weather will be more cooperative. And if anyone has any other suggestions for at-home rainy day boredom busters for little ones, I'm open to them.

~Melody :-)

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