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Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday (Weekend Getaway Edition)

This week's Not Me Monday post is focusing mainly on the weekend (remember how in the last post I said I had something really big coming up...well, this is the post about that really big thing). You can read more Not Me's by clicking here.

We did not leave this smiling baby girl on her 16 month birthday in order to head out to Asheville, NC for the weekend.
She did NOT have a fabulous time with her grandparents while mommy and daddy were away. And why were mommy and daddy away? Because I was NOT crazy enough to bike almost 65 miles (a little more than 100k, which is also known as a metric century) on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I raised $2400 in the process and found my inspiration in a student on my team this year, who is battling lymphoma.

We did NOT stop to enjoy the view on the way down since Nancy (our name for our Garmin Nuvi) had us taking a slightly scenic route.
The day before the ride, we did NOT wander around downtown Asheville where I saw this sign (which pretty much would define my life if there were an extra line about chasing--I mean raising-- babies).
This bookstore also did NOT have a sign in the children's section which read: "All unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten."

We did NOT indulge in this chocolate-y delight from The Chocolate Fetish.
And we did NOT pick up these cute shirts for Cate and mommy.
They did NOT come all packaged up in cute mason jars. And while I realize that they say "Carolina Girls: Sweeter than Tea" and I am not from Carolina (I do have family there though), I did NOT buy them simply because of the "Sweeter than Tea" on them because I do NOT have an obsession with sweet tea (maybe addiction is the better word).

I was NOT the only one crazy enough to bike around the hills of western North Carolina. There were NOT 20 of us from the greater Cincinnati/northern Kentucky/Dayton area that traveled with bikes to do this event.
We did NOT ride with pig snouts attached to our helmets since Cincinnati is home of the Flying Pig Marathon and used to be quite the pork producer.
I'm the one on the far left in this picture...number 123. And my husband, who normally cares very much about his appearance, did NOT wear the outfit below at his cheer station.
I did NOT eat my food at the finish line so fast, it almost made me sick and miss the victory party (oh well). I am NOT glad to be home after having three nights of no car seats, monitors, food in bite-sized pieces, etc. I did NOT miss this little girl just about every second that I was gone.
Nope, NOT me.

~Melody :-)

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Musings said...

Congratulations, Melody! Great job on your race!!