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Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

Confession time:

With the summery weather this weekend, I did NOT decide to put Cate in sunsuits and/or shorts all weekend in the hopes that her knees would scrape the concrete crawling and she'd be more inspired to walk. It didn't work. She bear-crawled instead. She has NOT really walked on her own since last weekend. Okay, okay, she took two steps at King Arthur's Toys, but that was it.
Eric did NOT teach Cate the sound a pirate makes (ARRRRRRGH). Cate does NOT make it on demand when you ask her how a pirate goes. While most toddlers her age are learning the sounds that dogs, cats, and cows make, my child does NOT know monkey, elephant, and pirate.

I did NOT find a bird's nest in the hanging basket on my front porch. Upon finding the nest, I did NOT breathe a sigh of relief because I was so scared that the reason my plant looked weird was because I was killing it (I missed the green thumb gene).
And speaking of porches, while visiting with our neighbors on their front porch (we like to hang out on front porches 'round these parts), Cate did NOT help herself to the block of cheese they were enjoying with their wine. I mean, surely a good mother would have noticed her picking up the large block of cheddar and taking a big ol' bite.

Before we got our porch swing, we had adirondack chairs on our porch. They are now back by the fire pit. Cate did NOT look like the cutest baby ever, playing in one of the chairs, in her adorable Polo dress (a shower gift from a coworker who recognized Cate would need clothes beyond 6 months...not that I minded the abundance of infant clothes though).
And I did NOT buy a Wii Fit on impulse at Target tonight. That goes against everything Dave Ramsey taught us (sort of). Don't worry, we really did have the extra money in our budget, so we really can enjoy our purchase instead of feeling buyer's wii-morse.

Your turn. I don't know if any will be posted over at MckMama's blog (things are looking up over there for the first time in weeks), but it's still fun to play.

~Melody :-)

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