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Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

After a hiatus last week, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming (although the Not Me Monday fun is still on hiatus at it's creator's blog: www.mycharmingkids.net). Keep praying for their son.

I'll keep this one short since most of you already know how last week was for us (with the whole dehydration and such).

My spring break has NOT been off to a rough and rainy start. I did NOT catch a little bit of the bug Cate previously suffered through. Or maybe it was NOT just exhaustion and worry catching up to me. And I did NOT try to do too much yesterday when I was feeling better that I ended up feeling like poo again last night. This did NOT force me to cancel plans with a friend from college and I am NOT totally bummed about that. :-( On the bright side, she's moving back to Ohio in two months, so I'll get to her then.

I did NOT get bored trying to think of things to do inside with Cate on this rainy day. The Children's Museum is NOT out right now thanks to the stomach bug germ floating around. We will NOT be staying away from that place for a couple of more weeks. I did NOT have to keep reminding myself that in the not too distant future, Cate will NOT want to hang out with her mom all of spring break and so I should really just enjoy this. We did NOT take every book off of her shelf, flip through pages, and then do it all again. I did NOT take advantage of the only break in the rain to walk up to the library to get a book.

And while I may sound like I'm complaining, I'm really NOT. I really am grateful that I got to hang out with Miss Cate all day and I really do think a day indoors, playing quietly and just spending time together was just what I needed to kick this last lingering bit of the bug.


PS...I know it's a bit blurry, but she was moving and I did NOT want to turn on my flash because I have NOT fallen in love with the natural light look.

PPS....The rest of spring break looks promising. It looks like we'll get to hit the zoo later this week. :-)


The Palmer Family Blog said...

I am sick too. Not a fun way to spend spring break. Hope you feel better soon. We may try to hit the zoo on Thursday or Friday afternoon if you're interested!

Aunt B and 3 said...

Mel and Cate,
It sounds like you are having some very "precious moments" while you are just hanging out over break. These days are fleeting and the stuff that memories are made of. Hugs and kisses and Aunt B misses you all very much! Get well, and stay well. Love to all, Aunt B and 3