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Monday, April 20, 2009

MckMama is still on Not Me Monday hiatus due to impending surgery on her son's heart. But in the spirit of laughter being healing, a lot of us who play along are continuing on.

And now for all of those things I would never do because I am a perfect mother must shamelessly confess to doing.

This week I did NOT squeeze Cate's large cranium into a hat because it matched her outfit for church. I would never put my child through that kind of torture just for a picture. Yes, we did take it off after about 5 minutes and no, there were NOT already imprints on her forehead where the hat squeezed too tightly.
I did NOT let Cate crawl around on the floor of a store.
And I did NOT model in a fashion show as part of a fundraiser for that show.
That is NOT one of my male cycle coaches in the picture above on the left modeling women's clothing. I would never hang out with someone like that. And I did NOT so love the brown dress I'm modeling (cyclist sunburn and all), that I did NOT buy it that very evening. I would never be so impulsive.

And I did NOT attempt to capture the way the sun was setting to the right of our house, but the storm clouds to the left made for eerie sunlight/shadow play. My picture does NOT do justice to the incredible beauty I witnessed tonight (being serious now). I did NOT wish for a small moment to be a professional photographer so I would better know how to capture moments like this.
Feel free to play along and shamelessly admit with me in the comments section or on your own blog. :-)

~Melody :-)

PS...Oh yeah, Cate did NOT take several steps yesterday (three in a row is the record) and then REFUSE to walk at all today. Slow and steady I guess.


Rachel said...

I appreciate the pics :)

Ryan said...

so cool but so weird to see Emily in pics with Cate! And seriously, you need to sign up for a freakin' photography class. How fun would that be? ...and you've definitely got talent!