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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Night in the Hospital

It's never a good thing when your sitter calls you...several times...while you're at work...because your baby is acting like "she's on drugs" and her "lips are blue" and she hasn't really "woken up." Of course I left work as soon as I could get someone to cover my classes and headed down to get her, making an appointment with the pediatrician and picking up my grandmother (I couldn't get a hold of Eric as he was working the Team in Training booth at Opening Day) on the way.

Our pediatrician took a look at her, told me it was dehydration and sent me immediately to Children's Hospital. She called the ER as we were leaving to let them know we were coming in and that Cate would need IV fluids.

The wait in the ER was long, but more tests and x-rays confirmed severe dehydration. They started an IV.
Basically, Cate never got properly rehydrated after being so sick on Friday night/early Saturday morning. Even though her vomiting was under control and she seemed fine....the extended time she spent sleeping (3 hours when we got home from the ER on Saturday, 14 hours Saturday night), meant that she wasn't getting her fluids replenished. She was fussy, but seemed okay on Sunday, so we didn't force fluids when she pushed them away. By Monday, well...she was lethargic, sleepy, not peeing, blue-lipped, and just not "Cate."

The doctors watched her in the ER until about 7:00 last night, when they decided to admit her overnight. I ran home to get some things, take the dog to my grandma's and get some sub plans together. After much poking and prodding, Cate finally fell asleep.
She peed through several diapers throughout the night because of all the IV fluids. Eric and I got as much rest as we could given that we were in recliner/chair-bed things. In the morning, Cate woke up happy (even though she looks grumpy in the picture below), and began to eat graham crackers and drink more Pedialyte.
And yes, that is a teeny, tiny hospital gown that she has on. Mid-morning, they stopped the IV fluids to see how she would do on her own. She seemed to do fine and after a few more wet diapers, some chicken breast and mashed potatoes, we were on our way home.

The doctors believe she's no longer contagious, but the amount of liquid they pumped into her could make for some messy diapers in the next few days.

Spring break is just around the corner for me and I'm looking forward to spending it with a much healthier and happier little peanut. Yesterday was scary and we appreciate everyone's prayers, support, and offers to help. We are officially on the road to recovery.

~Melody :-)


Leanne B. said...


I'm glad all is well with Miss Cate! It's amazing how quickly they can get sooo sick, and then how quickly they bounce back! May Cate have a relaxing and healthy rest of the week!

And hopefully you guys all get some rest!

Take care,


The Palmer Family Blog said...

Poor Cate! I'm glad she is feeling better and you are all back home. Get some rest!

Anonymous said...

I am glad Cate is feeling better. Now you can all rest a little easier!