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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Splash and Swing

It's official...Cate now sits up in the bathtub...and splashes EVERYWHERE!  We now put her small over the sink tub into the big tub since she has a tendency to soak the kitchen.  We'll definitely be purchasing a bath ring/seat for her soon (and something for mommy and daddy to sit/kneel on).
Hudson is home to Step 2 and Little Tikes (both makers of sturdy plastic things).  Step 2 was having a sale while we were in town, so Cate's Nana (my mom) bought her a swing.  We have it hanging from the front porch right now and there are already hooks in the basement from the previous owners so she can swing in the winter as well.  We also inherited a porch swing for grown-ups.  My mom and dad got it on their first wedding anniversary and not too long afterwards, they moved to a house without a porch.  It's been at my grandmother's ever since (my parents have never bought a house with a big enough porch since then).  She recently purchased an easier to maintain glider for her porch...so now the swing is ours and we are loving it!  Both swings are the perfect late summer additions to our home.

And speaking of late summer...I made my first homemade baby food today...green beans.  While visiting some family in Stanton, KY yesterday, we came home with a ton of half runner green beans.  After de-stringing them and cooking them, I put them in the mini-food processor and voila...green beans for Cate.  Eric and I preferred to enjoy our green beans by cooking them in a stock pot with ham, new potatoes, and corn...yum!!!  We're definitely getting back to my family's southern roots with that one.  

~Melody :-)

PS...It appears that there is some issue with the blogger site itself when it comes to posting videos.  Once that issue is resolved I fully intend to post my cousin's Godspell song and a cute video of Cate swinging today.  

1 comment:

Ryan said...

ok, shutup! That picture of Cate in the swing is the next gerber baby. I think my heart just melted onto the floor:) I miss my Ms.Cateyroo!!!