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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saturday Recap

Cate had her last art class for the session this past Saturday.
She got to make 3 ornaments. There were a few "regulars" who were home sick, which is why Cate got to make so many. They made the ornaments out of an oatmeal, flour, and water mixture that hardened and they got to decorate. So cute for our tree! She said the boy and the girl are her and Brennan. And yes, the picture is right side up, I took it of the ornaments upside down because Cate was looking at them and painting them right side up (confused yet?). I also love that she insisted on putting eyes on her Christmas tree ornament.
Cate was supposed to go to a friend's birthday party after art class. We knew she'd be late, but didn't want her to miss her last art class. But with the extra ornament making and all of the snow that came down Saturday morning (see last post), the party was pretty much over before we were a mile down the road after art class. So instead we went out to lunch and enjoyed our newly renewed museum pass, which we used to go and see the Holiday Junction train display.
Cate got to ride on a train...
...play with trains...
...look at trains...
...including Thomas, one of her favorites...
...and even control a train by pushing buttons behind this control panel.
The museum was dead because here in Cincinnati, when it snows even just a little, some people (okay, a lot of people) freak out, head to the grocery store to "stock up," and either don't drive anywhere or don't drive anywhere going more than 35 mph. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, with the place to ourselves, it made for a lovely Saturday.

~Melody :-)

1 comment:

Tudor Rose said...

Your comment about snow and Cincy reminded me of when I was down in Louisville, working at B&N during the Christmas season. I opened the cafe this one weekday and came in to find a note from our MOD saying the local schools had a snow day and we should expect it to be unusually busy later in the day as people get up and about.

I very distinctly remember looking out the window, saw a light dusting of snow on the ground, and saying "Seriously? THIS is a snow day?!"